Programmable remote control for ethernet-enabled devices


Mote turns your iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch® into a fully programmable Wi-Fi remote control.  Use your iPhone/iPad/iPod to control any ethernet-enabled device which communicates via TCP, UDP, HTTP, or HTTPS. Mote is programmable directly on your iPhone/iPad/iPod, allowing you to lay out buttons the way you want, with full macro functionality.

Mote is designed primarily for the home automation do-it-yourself hobbyist.  Coupled with the appropriate controller hardware, your iPhone/iPad/iPod makes an incomparable remote control.

Mote supports the SQ Blaster, a hardware IR blaster with a built-in IR code database to control most home theater equipment.  The combination of Mote and an SQ Blaster provides a complete programmable home theater remote with built-in IR codes, right on your iPhone.

Mote also supports Global Cache hardware, including GC100 and iTach devices.  Most functions of Global Cache hardware are supported, including emitting IR commands, and learning IR signals on iTach IR devices.  The only unsupported functionality is notifications, though polling is supported.

NOTE: Mote requires appropriate hardware which can be communicated with via one of the supported protocols, along with some (though not much) technical savvy.  iPhones and iPod touches do not have IR transmitters.  Additional hardware is required for most home theater applications.  Please understand these requirements before purchasing this product.

Just $9.99


  1. *Control any ethernet-enabled device which communicates using TCP, UDP, HTTP, or HTTPS.

  2. *Universal app for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches.

  3. *Controls SQ Blasters, with built-in IR code database.

  4. *Controls Global Cache hardware, including IR blasting with GC100 and iTach IR devices, and IR learning with iTach IR devices.

  5. *Controls HomeVision controllers.

  6. *Programmable directly on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.  No external software required.

  7. *Programmable buttons, sliders, and switches.

  8. *Organize by both activities and devices, similar to high-priced home theater remotes.  Activities allow control of all devices for a single activity, such as watching a movie, from a single panel of buttons.

  9. *Multiple button panels for each activity and device, in both portrait and landscape orientations.

  10. *Organize your activities and devices by rooms (or however you choose to group them).

  11. *Full support for command macros.  Each button can be assigned a single command, or sequences of commands with appropriate delays.  Watching a movie?  Turn on your Blue Ray player, flat-panel TV, and amplifier, and dim the lights with the press of a single button.

  12. *Support for querying devices, with the results displayed in pop-up windows as either text or HTML.

  13. *Automatically query devices at regular intervals and display the updated parsed results directly on buttons, sliders, or switches.

  14. *Send commands as ASCII strings, binary data, or a mix of both.

  15. *Programmable gestures.  Change channels or change the volume with a swipe of your finger.

  16. *Personalize the interface by using your own custom button and room icons, as well as background images.

  17. *Store multiple programs directly on your iPhone/iPad/iPod and easily switch between them.  Use a single device at multiple locations.

  18. *Transfer programming to/from your devices using iTunes File Sharing or Google Drive.  Programming is saved as XML property lists, allowing easy editing and sharing among users.

  19. *Programmable panel templates.

  20. *Optional passwords to operate and/or program Mote.

  21. *iOS 6 compatible, including multitasking.

  22. *High resolution graphics for the Retina Display.

  23. *Launch different applications, such as music servers, directly from Mote.

  24. *Send Wake-on-LAN signals.